Mountain Way | Guest 04

Another successful programme ...

Andy is just back from our fourth Mountain Way Programme (Pyrenees; August 2016) with “Guest 04”.

Andy’s update reads:

When I met Jim (not his real name) in Glasgow in March 2016 he was a desperate man seeking help with his major PTSD problem. His whole life was collapsing and he was convinced that his family was also falling apart. As soon as it was established that he was eligible for our help his commitment to the Mountain Way programme could not have been stronger. It took several months to raise the capital – thanks mainly to Mrs Lynn Monk and Mr Mark Slatter, Chairman of Olympian Homes, as well as the generous folk of Aberystwyth who shop in Morrisons supermarket – but we got there, and in mid-August Jim arrived in France, nervous, stressed-out, and with a massive negative load on his shoulders.

Having co-written his own programme he entered into the spirit of it on Day 1 and we began to make real progress. He completely embraced the concepts of Meditation, Guided Reflection and Positive Thinking, and coupled with the Herculean effort he made in the Mountains he began to see real rewards almost instantly. Two weeks later I returned a very different man to Carcassone airport.

There was a great deal of unexpected symbolism on this Experience – the number 2 being very significant to Jim – that I cannot explain; but it did seem as if we were not entirely alone sometimes.

There is still much work to be done, but the difference is that there is now a definite light shining at the end of this black tunnel, that stretches back over 34 years. With the fantastic support of his family, that now includes the lads and lassies at The Coming Home Centre as well as all of us in The Mountain Way, I am fully confident that Jim will recover the peace of mind and harmony that he has lacked for so long.

To all those who supported us on this new journey, and especially on behalf of Jim, we thank you for your highly valued support. Andy xxx.