Ladies complete marathon in under 5 hours!

Valiant effort raises funds for next guest

We near our target for our next "Guest'.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of Helen Boiling, Michelle Cooke and Rachel Jarvis, who completed the Loch Ness marathon in a very respectable time, £360 has been donated to our cause so far. Thank you ladies for your brave and inspiring effort, which not only brings us close to our target for the next guest, but will also encourage him when he embarks on his own “marathon” very soon.



Helen Boiling, Rachel Jarvis, Michelle Cooke, wearing our Mountain Way colours on their first outing. This brand of exciting new clothing is being launched shortly by Pushentertainment, who very kindly donated the running vests.


Just some of the fleet of coaches that delivered the 4000 runners to the middle of nowhere, for the start of the Baxter’s Loch Ness marathon.


And they are off!! Can you spot our intrepid ladies?